HoliDes Final Event

The HoliDes Final Event will be hosted by Airbus Defence and Space in Friedrichshafen, Germany, on September 29th. The event celebrates the conclusion of the HoliDes project where 31 partners from the industry, research institutes and universities in seven European countries investigated in an innovative Human Factors engineering process that can be embedded into traditional System Engineering processes to develop safety critical systems. HoliDes enabled for the first time a systematic design and development of Human Machine Systems that can pro-actively communicate system adaptations to human operators and at the same time keep them sufficiently in the loop based on the operators’ situational load and capacities.

In the three years of the project, over 50 Human Factors methods, techniques and tools have been studied, extended and extensively applied in four different application domains: Health, Aeronautics, Control Rooms, and Automotive. All of them have been classified, described and made available via the HoliDes Platform Builder, which enables to instantiate Human Factors Reference Technology Platforms that interconnects methods, tools and techniques (MTT) via linked data to ease and address Human Factors integration in System Engineering processes.

The public event will feature an interactive mix of keynotes, a discussion panel with Human Factors and System Engineering experts, guided tours through our exhibition of the project results, and includes time for discussion and networking in the sight of the beautiful Lake Constance.
For more information, please contact final-event@holides.eu